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After graduating from Davidson College with a Psychology degree, DK Coutant applied her behavioral training to animals and took a job at Sea World, training dolphins and whales. Realizing that scrubbing fish buckets might get old, she went back to Graduate school and received a Ph.D. in Psychology, specializing in Social and Cross-Cultural Issues. Starting her academic career at the University of Southern Maine, DK made the jump to Hawaii and worked at the University of Hawaii at Hilo rising to Department Chair of the Psychology Department. After many happy years in Hawaii, DK moved out of academics to geopolitical forecasting. She is now a Superforecaster with Good Judgement, Inc. and INFER (ARLIS) The new career allows her time to write and travel freely with her husband and Old English Sheepdog, as she forecasts for Intelligence agencies and Think tanks. DK splits her time between Santa Fe, New Mexico, Olympia, WA, Switzerland, and France. Her first Cleo Cooper Mystery, Evil Alice and the Borzoi was released by the Wild Rose Press in 2023. She can be found on Mastodon @dkcoutant@lor.sh ; @dkcoutant on Twitter, and @dkcanddog on Instagram